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Title: Le fabuleux destin d'Castiél Poulain
Artist: datingwally
Movie Prompt: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Pairing: Dean/Cas implied
Rating: G

My entry for spn_cinema!

I'd like to say a big thank you to my darling Frida for introducing me to the movie, urging me to sign up for the challenge and making me watch SPN in the first place! It's safe to say that without her influence non of this would exist. 

This was supposed to be a collab between me and Frida/withlightling, but after lots of brainstorming, the idea for the fic grew too much to fit into the challenge deadlines and her busy schedule so she had to drop out. So that's why the second picture might not make a lot of sense without her writing backing it up. Let's just say that Cas and Dean meet in a cemetery. :D (Also, I have no idea where the rain came from, but it seemed to fit the mood.)

Pictures are based on scenes from the movie, but with a SPN twist. I tried very hard to recreate the movie's brilliant sense of color. Not sure how much I succeeded. It was interesting to try out yet another new style though. :)

Images under the cut. Enjoy!Collapse )


So apparently, the only time I do anything productive is when I'm pressured to do so, so I'm signing up for another Inception challenge to get myself motivated.

I am so easily influenced. orz

Banner made by ohfreckle 

I wish there were a team Romangst though. I'm the kind of person who likes their pickles with chocolate.
..No, really. XD

i_reversebang Art Post: second entry

My second entry for i_reversebang  . It was originally claimed by two authors, epistolic  and deathbymutation , but unfortunately my second author could not complete her fic on time due to RL getting in the way. Lets all wish deathbymutation  luck on finishing her story, even if it's not part of the challenge anymore!

The art for epistolic  's fic can be found below.

Art + additional art + artist's note + link to fic - under cut - NSFWCollapse )
Thank you to everyone viewing this post, to all my lovely authors whom I've had the pleasure of working with, and the mods of i_reversebang for creating the challenge. If it wasn't for the challenge, I'd never have made friends with so many wonderful people and would probably still be too shy to approach anyone on LJ and take part in the Inception fandom as I do now.

That said, let's be friends? :)

Short news update + Twitter

The bidding over at help_japan has ended! I didn't think the winning bid would go that high! A whole $60! Congrats to skargasm This would be my most expensive commission to date. And a pairing I've never drawn before (Xander/Spike!). *nervous laugh* I just hope I can do it justice! :D

In other news, I went on a short cruise to Sweden (Stockholm!) and will probably post some photos later on, when I go through them all.

Oh, and I got myself a TWITTER account! :D Yes, something I never thought I'd do. But there you have it.

It's actually VERY handy, because I always have so many things happening all at once, and any down time I have is spent on either drawing, or brainless browsing/watching/relaxing, (or some reading, if I'm lucky). So you see  why I can never fit writing journal entries into my day. Another reason why I don't make posts as often as I could is because I don't want to clutter people's friend lists with a million short entries. And then I don't post anything for a month or few, and people think I've dropped off the face of the Earth, when I was actually crazy busy, running all over the place. :D

I wish I could tell people about what I'm up to, though. (Like going on a cruise, for example. I didn't even have time to notify people I was going away. Which is a mayor fail on my part.)  So, if anyone has Twitter, feel free to follow me for all my social updates and random stuff. :D I'm already starting to like it.

Help Japan auction!

I'm giving my humble contribution to the efforts to help Japan by offering one commissioned piece of art up for auction. My thread can be found here, if you're interested: Help Japan!

The bidding ends on 30-31 March.

I've been so torn inside these past few days, because I wanted to help somehow, but I'm penniless right now (due to various reasons like getting a new tablet and my PC breaking down on me), but thanks to this community I can finally do something, by offering some art to raise money for a good cause. Even if I am catastrophically short on free time, it's an effort worth making. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan and this is the least I can do about it.

Please consider visiting the community and checking out all the other offers people are making, and join in the bidding or offering if you can! Or just spread the word around. Every effort helps!

Check out this post made by epistolic for a list of other awesome people offering things in the Inception fandom!

Something for you, ladies... :)

Again, Happy 8th March!

Eames is here to deliver a bouquet of beautiful flowers for all you lovely ladies like a true English gentleman that he is.

ART! SFW, big size. Eames, and rosesCollapse )
Eames: I'd rather give them to Arthur.. *pouts*
Arthur: Don't make me hurt you! >:c

The whole roses in a newspaper thing is very obviously inspired by FAKE. :3 And how I love that manga... *sighs*

Happy International Women's Day!!!

С 8 МАРТА, девочки! <3



Can anyone recommend some semi-classic music, preferably with piano and sax, or piano and violins, or just piano, or acoustic guitar (with or without vocals)? I'm in real need of it right now, because music is the only thing that's stopping me from going insane and killing people. That, and reading fic. But I can't read fic while I'm working. So that leaves music. Please? Think of all the innocents you could save!!

If I can just get by until Saturday without resorting to violence, I would be really grateful.

Oh, and one picture under cut, because it's kind of relevant to this post? NOT. 8D

ART! Arthur from cobweb-diamond's serial-killer-verseCollapse )


Since the big author-artist reveal was posted over at i_reversebang I can post a big public THANK YOU to the authors who have claimed my art and a separate warm THANK YOU to all the writers who wanted to pick my art, but weren't able to. It means a lot to me to know that my drawings could inspire so many people, even if just a bit!

The authors I'm cheerleading working with are:
*hugs everyone*

The fics are promising to be sooooo good, I can't even. *flails* I can almost taste them. XD Really, guys, you're more than I could have ever wished for! I feel like I've won the lottery! <3

Also, I want to use this space to give a special thank you to cobweb_diamond , who wrote a surprise fic inspired by one of the pictures I entered to the challenge (which I'm not allowed to post yet, sadly). The fic is an Arthur/Eames serial killer AU and is all kinds of awesome! You can find it in the comments section of this post: GO READ IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!